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2023 leavers

Give your class writing a published outcome with BoomWriter UK. Students write, vote and become published authors

Create An Audience

Pupils know they have a real audience, not just their teacher.

Provide a Purpose

The ultimate goal of any creative writing: a personalised, published book!

Raise Engagement

BoomWriter UK is engaging to use and is a motivator for writing.

Fight the energy crisis with the power of writing!

Write with Brian and raise money for your school.

Write To Raise
children in a classroom

Create an Audience

With BoomWriter UK pupils have an authentic audience for their writing - their classmates. Children peer review each others’ work anonymously to decide a class winner for each piece of writing. This provides fantastic motivation for pupils to not just write, but to write to the best of their ability.

Last One Standing - book cover for Go Write app book

Provide a Purpose

The true purpose of creative writing is of course to be published! Every child receives a personalised book at the end of the project that includes their own writing- all of your pupils will be published writers!

Raising Engagement

BoomWriter UK tackles the barriers around audience and purpose for writing. This key obstacle is at the centre of developing engagement and will ultimately help raise the writing standards of your pupils.


Create memorable writing opportunities that can be easily adapted to every schools’ planning formats and teaching expectations. Use BoomWriter UK in English lessons or to enhance cross-curricular writing.

Different Writing Types

BoomWriter UK covers a variety of writing types including: narrative, letter writing, diary and poetry. Our books also cover areas such as Online Safety to help further embed safety principles in an innovative way.

Parental Engagement

Sharing the writing journey with parents at a publishing celebration assembly brings a school community together in a positive way and can help engage parents with the writing process that goes on within schools.

UK Based

BoomWriter UK uses British English through-out and featured specially developed book templates suited for use in UK schools.

Online Resource

BoomWriter UK can be accessed on any device, anywhere with internet access. It could be used within the classroom, for clubs or as a homework tool.

Affordable at just £7.99/pupil

BoomWriter UK is priced with schools at the heart. Class sets include free postage with discounts for mulitple class sets.